How to choose pinking shears

Wondering what pinking shears are? They are essentially a kind of scissors that are used to effectively cut the fabrics while preventing them from fraying.

If you buy a good quality one, your clothes won’t shred easily, making them very useful.

With that said, choosing good pinking shears from the market is not quite easy nowadays as there are a lot of choices available, but only some of them justify their price.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you lock on your final choice, you should have minimal knowledge about them in order to make the best choice.

Here are some points to consider before making a choice.


This is definitely the most important feature related to pinking shears. If the size of the body is too large or too small, it will be very hard to use, and your productivity will be decreased a lot as a result.

The size should not only be according to the size of your hand, but it should also be according to the nature of work you do, as larger blades make larger cuts, and if the project is huge, you will need to put in less amount of work.

Material / Sharpness

As we discussed earlier, the fabrics are most likely not to get shredded if and only if the scissors are made from excellent quality materials and have sharp blades.

The blades come directly to the contact of the fabric, only perform well if they are strong and make cuts easily, in the case of otherwise, the fabric could be ruined if the blades are blunt or not sharp, you might not achieve the desired results.

Another important thing to note is as the sharpness of the blades reduces, the work you need to put in increases.


Comfort is also another major factor. Although it doesn’t really have a huge effect on the quality of the work you are getting done, it makes sure you can go on for long hours of working without any issue.

More comfort, more you will love working with the scissors.


It may sound weird to you, but heavier weight pinking shears are always placed above the lightweight ones.

Not that you should opt for the heaviest model, which will just make you tired in some time, but you need to choose an appropriate weight.

Choosing a very lightweight model will more chew the fabric than it cuts.