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These ELK polished blade shears offer precision cutting for all types of fabric used in upholstery. The lower blade has a serrated edge, meaning these shears are able to grip slippery materials but also reduce cutting effort on tougher fabrics such as canvas, velvet and leather.

What are ELK serrated shears used for?

When a user is cutting multiple layers of fabric, serrated edge shears are recommended. A serrated blade is less likely to slip on the surface of a fabric. Lightweight or silky materials will also cut easier with serrated shears, using a serrated edge will keep users from slipping or fraying the material when cutting.

Suggested Applications: Precision cutting for all types of fabric used in sewing, durable and efficient at cutting the following - Textiles, Synthetic Textiles, Canvas, Rubber, Carpet and Underlay, Felt, Rope, Plastic Film, Plastic and Fine Wire Mesh, Paper and Card.

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